15 Interesting Facts About Tea

Over 3000 types of tea, yet one simple universal truth: We sip a cup of tea, and it immediately soothes our mind, body, and soul.

Interesting facts about tea

Here are a couple of must-know, interesting, and down-right weird facts about tea for all tea lovers:

15 fascinating facts about tea

  1. 1 pot equals thousands of tea leaves

As per reputed research and studies, it takes approximately 2000 tiny tea leaves to prepare just a single standard pot of tea.

  1. More caffeinated than coffee

Many tea lovers do not know that tea has more caffeine than coffee (weight for weight). As more coffee (100-200mg) is required to prepare a cup than a cup of tea (40-70mg), caffeine content per cup is less in the case of tea.

  1. The discovery of tea was an accident

As the legend goes, a few leaves from a wild tea tree fell into a pot of water that the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was bringing to a boil. When he drank the concoction, tea was discovered by complete accident. This took place in 2737 BC.

  1. Recommended cups of tea?

For optimal benefits, the recommended cup of tea is 4 cups each day.

  1. A cup of tea will keep the dentist away

One of the benefits of drinking recommended cups of tea regularly is that it helps to fight against cavities. Do ensure you are not adding sugar to these cups for obvious reasons!

  1. Many kinds; one origin

Whether it is oolong, white tea, green tea, and black tea, all tea that is not herbal comes from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis). Why the huge differences between them? Method of tea leaves processing, of course.

  1. How much does the most expensive tea in the world cost?

The most expensive tea in this world is the Da-Hong Pao tea (which can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty) and it comes with a price tag of $600,000 per pound. Why is it so expensive? Well, the tea leaves are harvested from tea plants that have grown for over 300 years in the legendary Wuyi Mountains.

  1. Loose tea leaves over tea bags

Even though tea bags are popular because of their convenience and portability, as per tea experts, they have high levels of tannins, resulting in a bitter and harsher cup of tea. So, for the perfect cup of tea, always choose loose leaf options.

  1. More tea for a happy heart

One of the benefits of drinking recommended cups of tea regularly is that it helps to regulate cholesterol which ensures your heart is in optimal condition.

  1. Drink milk tea for pearly white teeth

As per reputed studies, a splash of milk with your tea is recommended to reduce tea’s ability to stain teeth. The tannin molecules present in tea stick to your teeth which results in stained teeth. Milk contains Casein, a type of protein found in milk, which effectively attaches to these tannin molecules and prevents teeth staining.

  1. Water temperature depends on the tea variety

Boiling tea leaves at the right temperature is necessary to get the perfect cup of tea, and the temperature will depend on the variety of the tea used, for example:

• Black Tea: 212 degrees Fahrenheit
• White and Green Teas: Between 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit

  1. First milk and then tea

The reputed study by Loughborough University solved the age-old question. As per the study, you should add milk to your cup first and then pour your tea for optimal benefits. You should give this a go as the study also claims that this will ensure the tea tastes more flavorful.

  1. Quality of water is a factor

As tap water or hard water is high in minerals, tea experts suggest using soft water to brew the perfect cup of tea that does not have any metallic and bitter aftertaste.

  1. Drink green tea for cancer prevention

As per medical studies, regular consumption of recommended cups of green tea will help in prostate cancer prevention. It can also kill oral cancer cells and will help cancer patients with improved brain scans as well.

  1. Tea lovers are growing in number

As per statistics, the expected growth of global annual tea consumption is 7.4 billion Kg from 6.7 billion Kg (2021-2025). After water, tea is still the second most consumed drink in the entire world.

Next time you are at a tea party, instead of cracking a lame joke like “Why is a tea party not called a Par-tea?”, whip out these above-mentioned 15 fun and interesting facts about tea to keep the conversation brewing!

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